Vaga D. I., Desyatov L. V., Tsorik A. V., SHvetc A. V.


The article reveals the concept of 3D printing technology, its history of emergence
and further development, as well as the structure of the workflow. The possibility of using
3D printers in various fields, especially in the construction industry. The main methods and methods
of 3D printing are considered, the technological process and the possibilities of using additive
production in the creation of buildings and structures are described. The ways of development of
3D printing, aimed at contouring construction, are identified, as well as examples of already “constructed”
buildings using a given technology are given. The prospects for the development of this
type of construction with the identification of nuances and positive factors, compared with the
traditional methods of developers.

Keywords: 3D printer, 3D printing, 3D-печать, 3D-принтер, construction industry, contour construction, development prospects, methods, printing, technological process, контурное строи- тельство, методы, перспективы развития, печать, строительная индустрия, технологический процесс