Desyatov L. V., Lisin A. A., Tsorik A. V.


The article identifies four types of technologically disturbed mining and mining
industries in the Middle Urals: quarries, mines, dumps, swamps; studied their negative impact
on the environment and man. The ways of development of mineral deposits in the mining
and metallurgical district of the Urals, which consist of measures for remediation and environ -
mental protection construction, are considered. For each type of technogenically disturbed territory,
the biological and technical stages of recultivation were selected, and analogues of environmental
protection construction were given. On the basis of a comparative analysis of analogues,
the principles of the architectural and spatial development and humanization of the
technogenic industrial environment were identified: the inclusion of a significant civilian multifunctional
facility, with the integration of modern environmental technologies; the inclusion of
eco-tourism functions in the industrial landscape; creation of a landscape-park zone with a spe -
cific point from which a breathtaking view is opened, as well as a demonstration site of objects
that are directly connected with the place; creating an interactive demonstration site for indus -
trial facilities in their immediate environment; the formation of a unique public space due to the
creation of landscape-park zones and accessibility to them using pedestrian above-ground struc -
tures. Thus, the main principles of the interaction of the industrial landscape and human demonstration
and interactivity of space, as well as the use of modern environmental technologies. In
some cases, man-made georesource can be used for private construction. The implementation of
these tasks, as a rule, entails the creation of a sign object of city value. Such a practice can
change the public perception of technologically disturbed territories, as well as set a positive
vector of development in the humanization of industrial landscapes and the formation of geocultural

Keywords: architectural and spatial development, geocultural branding, reclamation, архитектурно-пространственное освоение, гео- культурный брендинг, рекультивация, техногенно нарушенные территории