Ku Y. , Yoo H. -.

A PROPOSAL FOR A MUSEUM OFARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM BY UTULISING THE UNUSED UNDERGROUND SPACE IN THE CITY -focused on planning the unused underground parking area between Jongmyo and Sewoon Building from the view point of urban hacking-

Selecting the place between front part of the Jongmyo and the Sewoon square
as the site, the purpose of this study is to propose a museum of architecture and urbanism, where
citizens as cultural subjects experience, participate in, and communicate with the urban changes,
by expanding the Jongmyo underground parking lot to transform the chronological border into a

Keywords: chronological border, museum of urbanism and architecture, urban idle subterranean space, музей урбанизма и архитектуры, ур- банистическое подземное пространство, хронологическая граница