Kolyshev Y. B., Evgenia S. A., Sokolov I. I., Shevchuk I. V.


In article presents the results of the analysis of the specially protected natural
areas of the Stavropol region. The main locations of the natural monuments having natural landscape
and historical cultural value of Stavropol region are considered. The ranking of natural
monuments according to the main criteria is carried out. A proposal to the state regional structures
on the creation of natural parks in the region was made reasonably. The article emphasizes
the need for an integrated approach to the formation of natural parks in the region. Their social
significance is highlighted. Taking into account the nature protection status of the territory of
natural monuments, it is proposed to form a whole complex of environmental measures in connection
with the development of the infrastructure of the territory, with an area of 1000-400 hectares.
Allow you to organize, depending on the nature of the landscape parks. This is primarily
the territory of unique natural monuments, as well as valuable spaces of mixed functional purpose.
The formation of natural parks will contribute to:
̶ increasing the role of tourism development and drawing attention to the landscape and
recreational potential of the territory;
̶ to preserve, restore and promote the natural landscape of objects of tourist display;
̶ improvement of the socio-economic condition of natural parks due to the growth of financial
revenues from tourism activities.

Keywords: natural monuments, natural parks, region, край, природные памятники, природные парки, регион