Tiukavkina I. L.


Within the framework of the concept of а compact city and the
principles of sustainable development, great importance is now attached to the systems
of local production, consumption and utilization of food products. The concept of agricultural
production, within the city and the nearest suburbs - is "urban agrictulture" consept.
The article proposes to consider the history of the development of agrarian
elernents of the Кhabarovsk city. The рurроsе of the article is to determine the main
socio-economical and tirban development patterns of the development of the agrarian
elements in the planning structure of the Кhabarovsk city. The article provides a brief
description of the formation and development of agro-urban elements of the city of
Khabarovsk and its environs. Six main stages of development were identified and the
Soviet period was considered. The types of agro-urban elements prevailing at a given
time interval are revealed, their examples and a brief description are given. The layout
of the main agro-urban elements of the city of Khabarovsk in the second half of the
twentieth century is presented.

Keywords: agrarian element of the city, agro-urban element, collective farm, kitchengardens of citizens, suburban area, urban manor, аграрный элемент города, агро-городской элемент, Городская усадьба, дачный участок, коллективное хозяйство, лпх горожан