Panchuk N. N., Stolуar A. S.


The total amount of the energy used in the world is growing every year. 38%
of energy used in construction field. Energy is used for the production of the material, transportation,
construction, operation (heating, air conditioning and lighting). At the same time, construction
work has a serious impact on surrounding environment. For example, one of the main
source of thermal emission of carbon dioxide is buildings, which the cause of the greenhouse
effect. Improving the energy efficiency helps us to reduce the energy loss, and it also reduce the
damage to nature. In this article I discuss about how to improve energy efficiency (for example,
the way of choosing the correct orientation of the building and optimizing the geometry of architectural
structures). Selected a suitable location of the building in the zones. The optimal
shape and size ratio of the designed structure has been determined

Keywords: building compactness indicator, design, energy efficient building, geometry optimization, orientation of the building, оптимизация геометрии, ориентация здания, показатель компактности здания, проектирование, энергоэффективные здания