Kolyshev Y. B., Evgenia S. A., Sokolov I. I., Shevchuk I. V.


The aesthetic assessment of the territory of the Eltonsky natural Park is Carried
out. The methodological approaches are considered and the technique of aesthetic assess -
ment of territories is offered. The method of evaluation of information and aesthetic potential of
the territory is investigated. The urgency of using this technique for the analysis of protected areas
is proved. The article attempts to apply this method to the territory of the Eltonsky natural
Park. The landscape and spatial boundaries are determined, taking into account the relief, the
zones of tourist attraction are determined.

Keywords: Elton natural Park, information and aesthetic potential, signs of landscape aesthetics., информационно-эстетический потенциал, ландшафт, отдых, пейзаж, признаки пейзажной эстетики, природный парк, рекреация, Эльтонский