Piatkov A. S., Piatkov S. V.


Cabinet is a separate, isolated room in the complex of residential and business
premises of the dwelling. It was originally intended for intellectual, mental work, personal privacy
and rest. Then, during the evolution of housing and changes in the socio-economic conditions of
the formation of society, it acquired new additional functions: socio-cultural; status representative;
relaxation; labor. In the end, while preserving the common name, it is typologically structured
into a number of rooms that correspond to the challenges of new realities of social and
family life.

Keywords: attrib, attribution, Baroque, Biedermeier, cabinet, Classicism, Eclecticism, Empire, furniture, Gothic, Modern, object content, Renaissance, Rococo, styles - Romanesque, Victorian, visual markers, атрибуты, атрибуция, визу- альные маркеры, драпировка., кабинет, компоновка предметов мебели, мебель, предметное наполнение, стили, текстиль