Bandurin M. I., Barannikov A. A., Putko A. V.


This research focuses on the assessment of the energy efficiency of sanitary
appliances. One of the most important tasks of a water supply specialist is the development of a
rational construction of sanitary appliances, regarding water-distribution fittings, the optimal
mode of their exploitation and reduction of total water consumption. It is clear that nowadays
improvement of the energy efficiency of a lavatory is relevant. It will reduce water consumption
and explicit costs of consumers on water supply. The proposed research is based on the energy
balance equation, which is used for lavatories. The research presents the classification of lavatories
and tested samples. These samples are systematized according to the classification, which
has been mentioned. In the research 4 lavatories were used. They have dish-shaped, funnelshaped
and forehead bowls with two types of flush. In order to make quality assessment of wa -
ter purification on the surface of a bowl, a working surface is emitted. A working (cleaning) sur -
face – is a part of a surface of a lavatory bowl, which mostly is subjected to contamination due
to exploitation. Finally the conclusion was made. The best energy efficient appliance is a funnel-
shaped lavatory with a straight flush.

Keywords: a circular flush, a dish-shaped bowl, a forehead bowl, a funnel-shaped bowl, a lavatory, a straight flush, a water tank, a working surface, efficiency, energy balance, energy efficiency, воронкообразная чаша, козырьковая чаша, КПД, кру- говой смыв, прямой смыв, рабочая поверхность, смывной бачок, тарельчатая чаша, унитаз, энергети- ческий баланс, энергоэффективность