Ermolenko E. A., Luchkova V. I.

From the metropolis to plagapolis. Modern city as a heterogeneous space. Interactive environment.

The study is about environmental influences on human behavior and
human interaction with it. The analysis of mutations of urban space from isotonic to
heterogeneous is produced. This article also addresses the issue of changing consciousness
of society in terms of development of post-industrial wave, the identification of new
needs, new architectural aesthetics , and its ecology. Theconditions comfortable environment
are mentioned in research, and how these conditions are embodied in the ideological development of architectural thought. The search for new tools in architectural engineering,
future patterns of interactive architecture are held ; studied modern concepts and
existing projects in this area; studied modern concepts and existing projects in this area;
raises the issue of the need to move to an interactive artificial environment, and changing
the perception of the architect of the urban fabric.

Keywords: aggressive field; bionics; parammetrizm; patterns; architectural revolution, dynamic, interactive environment; metropolis; plagapolis; isotonic and heterogeneous space; videoecology; homogeneous, агрессивные поля; интерактивные поля; динамическая архитектура;, интерактивная среда; мегаполис; плагаполис; изотоническое и гетерогенное пространство; видеоэкология; гомогенные