Voronkova A. A., Kim IUliia Rbertinovna I. R.


The purpose of the study is to define the concept of emptiness in the formation
specifics of modern residential buildings in Japan and Europe. The attitude to empty space in
the West and in the East differs significantly, but modern design styles actively use the concept
of emptiness, for example, minimalism, postmodernism, eco-style, Scandinavian style. To
achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve the following tasks: consideration of the concept of
emptiness in Japanese cultural studies, the causes and consequences of its formation. Analysis
and comparison of ways of organizing urban space in Japan and in the West, establishing that
while the European city develops from the center, the Japanese city is stretched in the form of a
radial network. It has no center. Contrasted with the orthogonal block structures of a nineteenthcentury European city, the Japanese city, and Tokyo in particular, developed in a spiral fashion.
The model of a Japanese city can be considered a rhizome, as an element of an extensive network. Thus, it loses the structure with one center and will appear as a complicated space that
gives more importance to streets than squares. The study of the concept of "center" in the works
of European philosophers J. Derrida, W. Eco and C. Jenks; the study of the origin of the modern
interpretation of the concept of emptiness in the field of modern design. Conclusions are drawn
about the degree of influence of the ideology and identity of Japan on the modern life and culture of Europe, the reasons for its relevance and ways of implementation in a modern interior
are considered. This desire for emptiness gives a person a sense of freedom from unnecessary
things, calmness, peace. In an era of technological progress, complex social life, and the many
challenges we face, people are increasingly turning to Eastern culture and design, simple natural
interiors that allow them to move away from all these difficulties at times and not lose their " I "
in the modern storm of life.

Keywords: apartment., building, center, culture, design, emptiness, Europe, housing, interior, Japan, space, West, дизайн, Европа, жилье, Запад, здание, интерьер, квартира., культура, пространство, пустота, центр, Япония