Borodinskaya V. P., Ivanova A. P.


The article is devoted to the use of the mythology of “new shamanism” in the
territorial rebranding of the Far Eastern cities. On the examples collected during the field studies
of 2018-19 years in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Primorye and Amur Regions, it is concluded that the
traditional culture of small indigenous people of various regions of the Far Eastern Federal
District is more and more in demand both in public art and in the economy of impressions. The
archaization of the cultural landscape of the Far Eastern cities is observed as a collapse of the
ideology of Modernity.

Keywords: cultural landscapes, “Far Eastern style”, “new shamanism”., «дальневосточный стиль», культурные ландшафты, «новый шаманизм».