Kolyshev Y. B.

Improvement of methods of practical training on drawing

The article suggests collecting separate scattered tasks of summer inserve
education program on drawing into a united system of tasks aimed at solving cognitive
and depictive tasks combined by a common idea, a theme of the urban planning space
It is recommended to begin in-serve education program with the general urban
environment through sketching then proceeding to the analysis of the morphogenesis and
to the sketches of separate buildings with details.
Then a drawing from outdoor scene of the architectural ensemble is made with realization
of the tasks on organization, functional interrelations of the ensemble’s separate
buildings and graphic accentuation of its focal point and the dominant.
The in-serve education program is done with the drawing of the cyclorama depicting
the environment – vegetation, elements of improvement, people and vehicle flow.

Keywords: architectural-spatial space, complex system of training tasks for practice, cyclorama., dominant, focal point, functional interrelations of the ensemble constructions, morphogenesis, архитектурно-пространственная среда, комплексная система учебных заданий по практике, формообразование.