Kop'eva A. V., Maslovskaya O. V., Shuntov A. V.


One of the current trends in modern architecture and urban planning practice
is the renovation of multi-storey residential development. The object of the presented research is
determining the ways of renovating mass residential development on a complex terrain in the
conditions of the city of Vladivostok. An example of the organization of mass residential development is the area of Komarov Hill in the city of Vladivostok. This district was built in the 70-
80 years of the twentieth century. The architectural and town-planning features of the selected
section of the urban environment and its elements, the problems of the existing layout of the
territory, landscape organization, the device of the street-road network and courtyards, the morphology and architectural expressiveness of the buildings are revealed. Urban scenarios for the
development of this residential development on the slopes are proposed.
It was revealed that in the considered area of the urbanized environment, morally outdated buildings need architectural and urban planning intervention, taking into account current
trends in urban planning and the needs of various population groups. Reconstruction of the
housing development under consideration allows forming street development, creating a multifunctional infrastructure that meets the needs of residents, organizing comfortable courtyards,
pedestrian transit routes connecting different levels of the landscape, creating public spaces of
various sizes and purposes, saturated with social activity. An individual approach to the formation of a living environment creates a unique architecture and landscaping

Keywords: complex terrain, landscape organization, residential area., residential mass building development, жилая среда., ландшафтная организация, массовая жилая застройка, сложный рельеф