Baklyskaia L. E.


The article considers city lanterns, which in addition to their main functional
purpose - lighting - often play an aesthetic role and take part in the formation of stylistic features of the architectural environment. Such a small architectural form as a lantern, first of all,
provides the convenience of using the territory, creating lighting in passable places. It is necessary to choose the appearance of such an object wisely, since it is not only a lighting device, but
also an important part of the environmental design. If you choose the right shape and location of
the object, you can emphasize or create an individual terrain. The type of lighting fixture is selected in accordance with the requirements for lighting a specific area. A lantern, as an object,
can have additional functions in the form of information plates, speakers, pointers and other
things located on a column. The main function of a street lamp is lighting, but it can also be attributed to works of art, attractions, signposts, telephone boxes, message boards, mailboxes, advertising lights, etc. Street lights are used outdoors, so the lights must be airtight, water and

Keywords: comfortable environment, environmental situation, small architectural forms in an urban environment., urban equipment, городское оборудование, комфортная среда, малые архитектурные формы в городской среде., средовая ситуация