Galiautdinova E. N., Milova N. P.


The purpose of the research: to identify the main ways of organizing
the interior of small apartments with the help of transforming furniture. The object of
the study is the design of the interiors of small-sized apartments. The subject of
scientific research are the features of the use of transforming furniture in the interiors of
small apartments. To achieve this goal it was necessary to solve a number of problems:
1. conduct a historical analysis of the emergence and development of transforming
furniture; 2. to study the design features of a variety of transforming furniture; 3. to
consider methods of organizing small-sized living space using transforming furniture; 4.
identify the features of the operation of this furniture. Based on the results of the
research work, a conclusion is drawn about the demand for transforming furniture as a
type of object design among those living in small apartments. As a result of the study, a
high demand for transforming furniture was revealed among the owners of small-sized
apartments, due to the wide range of possibilities for organizing the interior. With the
use of transforming furniture in interiors, functional zoning of a room can be visually
easily readable, but at the same time free space will be saved without unnecessary
heaps. One of the decisive factors in the choice of transforming furniture is its design,
which should be practical, ergonomic and easy to use. Transforming furniture is a
functional object in the interior that meets not only high aesthetic indicators, but also
high structural indicators. In subsequent studies, the author will consider the possibility
of organizing the space of a small apartment fixtures by means of using transforming
furniture in the interior and the effect of color on the visual perception of the room will
be studied.

Keywords: architecture, functional zoning, interior., living space, multifunctional furniture, small-sized apartments, жилое пространство, малогабаритная квартира, трансформирующаяся мебель, функциональное зонирование.