Martynov V. V.


The article discusses the problems of educational prototyping using the
example of creating a calendar, defines the types and functions of such products. A multi-page
printed calendar, being an important subject in the life of a modern person, is a platform for
advertising and other ways of informing about the activities of any firms, groups and
enterprises, about the goods they present to consumers. A good project of a thematic calendar is
always determined in accordance with the visualization of information important to the
consumer by means of graphic design. The aesthetic potential of expressive means of graphic
design is able to make the calendar a popular circulation product with utilitarian, informational,
image-building functions. Since a designer graduating from a bachelor's degree in a professional
activity will often have to develop such products, a detailed acquaintance with all the norms and
requirements for the shaping of this art project is offered in the educational process. The article
substantiates the practice of compulsory completion of this training task as part of the study of
artistic design at the coursework level, since it is proposed to obtain specialized knowledge in
practice (preparing the layout for printing) and reduce the percentage of probable errors in the
subsequent real work of the designer. Artistic design of original thematic products, including
calendars, can become a separate type of final qualification work for bachelor-designers.

Keywords: aesthetic and image function of the calendar; Them, calendar, calendar structure, circulation; informational, composition, design, font, illustration, multi-page, printed, printing grid, thematic, дизайн, иллюстрация, календарь, композиция, многостраничный, печатный, полиграфическая сетка, структура календаря, тематический, тираж; информационная, шрифт, эстетическая и имиджевая функция кал