Dorofeev O. A., Zaretckaia M. A.


The article deals with the problems of resource saving. The technology of underground gasification of solid fuel is presented as one of the variants of environmentally safe
method of production aimed to environmental protection. The history, essence of the technology, advantages and disadvantages of traditional methods, state and application in the modern
period, technical and environmental problems of the method and its prospects are described.
The state of development of underground coal gasification technology in European countries,
the USA and Canada are highlighted. The possibilities for the development of underground coal
gasification enterprises in the Russian far East are indicated.

Keywords: coal chemistry., deserted technology, down hole mining, gasogene, generator gas, underground coal gasification, безлюдная технология, газогенератор, генераторный газ, подземная газификация углей (ПГУ), скважинная добыча полезных ископаемых, углехимия.