Mamatkulov D. D., Rakhmatov A. S., Uldashev I. B.


The study is devoted to problems of biogas production at non-solid
waste landfills; opportunities and prospects of getting a passing (―Swamp‖) gas from
landfills for solid household waste (MSW) and wastewater treatment aeration stations.
Using new technological processes of obtaining fuel and energy resources from municipal waste based on gasification and pyrolysis. These technologies are considered more
progressive in comparison with incineration technologies, since they are less harmful to
the environment and allow to process a wide range of municipal solid waste.

Keywords: alternative fuel, biogas, energy saving in wastewater treatment, environment, municipal solid waste., альтернативное топливо, биогаз, окружающая среда, твердые бытовые отходы., энергосбережение при очистке сточных вод