Baklyskaia L. E., Dolgopolova T. E.


The article is devoted to one of the places of worship in the city of
Khabarovsk - the square in the center of the city, which is popularly called "Grandfather Matvey
Square", which is currently in disrepair. A detailed analysis of the situation conducted in the
study allows us to outline ways of revitalizing a fragment of the environment that is valuable for
the city.
At all times, great attention was paid to the aesthetic organization of both the common
space and its private elements, as an important component in creating a comfortable
environment for human life. One of these components is the improvement of the public
territory, where the integral and important aspect is the functional and aesthetic content.
This is precisely the task facing designers - to develop a comfortable environment for a
person’s temporary stay, observing three basic rules: benefit, strength and beauty.

Keywords: comfortable environment, environmental equipment, revitalization of a fragment of the environment., urban symbols