Il'in K. S.


this article has an introductory character and affects only the general aspects
of designing virtual spaces in computer games. The aesthetic role of architecture and design objects in the game process and in the field of game product development is described. It gives an
idea of technical limitations, conventions, techniques for submitting and disclosing a virtual
gaming environment. The author considers the generally accepted and original solutions in the
design of gaming locations using examples of the most successful games from the point of view
of the mass consumer. Mentioned the growth trend of the video game market.

Keywords: content design, game design, game industry, interactivity, level design, location, paper architecture., virtual space, бумажная архитектура., виртуальное пространство, гейм-дизайн, игропром, интерактивность, контент-дизайн, левел-дизайн, локация