Gusev V. A., Stolyarov V. V.


Abstract. Speed is the most important measure of the traffic flow. Speed traffic flow is calculated on an average free speed. Speed is determined experimentally in certain areas to road. Road conditions, vehicle characteristics, driver psycho-physiological are affect for speed. Free running speed - random variable. Speeds are monitored constantly on roads.
To measure the speed of traffic flow or individual vehicles started using videotape, videofiksatory radars.
Especially significant parts roads equipped with automatic stationary complexes that carry out the control over the traffic situation. Software systems are used with videofiksatorami service traffic police to identify offenders ma-speed mode for modeling traffic flows, identify problem areas, the elimination of congestion and speed determination.
Processing of these results showed that the density distribution probability velocities cars is well described by a normal distribution. On the stretch there are large in magnitude speed than the rates observed in areas that are at a distance of 100 m from the road . On the stretch of road where there is no influence of the populations age points, the average speed is 106 km/h and 96 km/h. Near the settlement of the average speed is 72.5 km/h , 76 km/h , 75 km/h.

Keywords: speed, speed distribution, the speed of free movement, the speed of traffic flow, traffic conditions, дорожные условия, распределение скорости, скорость, скорость свободного движения, скорость транспортного потока