Popova Z. S.

Efficiency of bindings in frame-braced structure of multistoried buildings

This article shows the topicality of multi-storey building, provides an

overview of frame systems multi-storey buildings, describes some results of the static

analysis of two frames (frame and braced frame) with the establishment of the effect of

the use of braces.

Keywords: braced elements, braced frame, columns, frame system, girth rail, multi-storey buildings, settlement efforts, steel frames, the horizontal displacement of a beam with a wavy wall, балки с волнистой стенкой., горизонтальные перемещения, колонны, многоэтажные здания, рамная система, рамно-связевая система, расчетные усилия, ригели, связевые элементы, стальные каркасы