Novikova I. K., Sevast'ian A. I.

Using spherical forms in architecture.

A study devoted to the search for new approaches to eco- architecture. Study of the latest designs and materials of construction , an example of forming globular forms in architecture and to assess the possibility of their use in modern construction. Analysis of the concept of a geodesic dome Bakmistera Fuller . Study projects osledovateley B.Fullera in modern architecture with an example: Amazon , Park Eden (The Eden Project) England , Plaza Del Milenio on EXP, « Eden » (Eden Project; translated into Russian and found the name " Garden of Eden ") - Botanical garden in Cornwall , UK . As well as their own development course project - office .

Keywords: a fullerene dome design., geosphere, Shaping, the effect forms a ball, влияние форм, геосфера, конструкции., купол, Формообразование, фуллерен, шар