Liang J. , Hui S. , Zhang L.


As a densely urbanized area, delta bears with huge population pressure
and development needs. In this case, land reclamation has become an important
method to expand urban space. However, the reclamation lacking of ecological considerations
may disrupt the ecological balance and add the hidden dangers of floods. In this
paper, we investigate the reclamation planning strategies and methods based on ecological
concept in four “typical” urbanized deltas: Rhine-Meuse Delta in the Nether-lands,
Three Rivers’ estuary Delta in Korea, Yangtze River Delta and the Yellow River Delta in
China. Through the analysis and comparison, we try to summarize the charac-teristics and
problems of the ecological protection strategies in reclamation, and propose the development
directions of ecological protection strategies combined with reclama-tion planning.

Keywords: delta; land reclamation; ecological protection strategies, дельта; мелиорация территории; стратегии экологиче-ской защиты.