Kugaevskaya T. Sergeyevna, SHul'gin V. V.

Investigation of thermal treatment concrete samples heated air

Abstract. concrete. In the warm season heating the air produced in the collector of solar energy, and in the cold season, this process is modeled by means of an infrared heater. Carried thermos cooling of concrete samples in a laboratory chamber. Compressive strength of the samples is determined at the age of five days.
Shows the results of experiments, which are part of a series of experimental studies.
Shows the change in temperature of the test of heavy concrete for the two variants of its thermal treatment in a heated reservoir of solar energy air. In the first experiment, the sample temperature from heavy concrete is increased for 4,5 hours from 20,8 to 42,9ºС (∆t = 22,1ºС), In the second experiment, the temperature of the samples from the heavy concrete structure of the test increased over 6 hours from 20,1 to 48,4ºС (∆t = 28,3 ºС).
Shows the change in temperature of the test of heavy concrete for the two variants of its thermal treatment air heated in the reservoir of energy with an infrared heater. When the duration of thermal treatment of concrete samples heated air for 4,5 hours of temperature increased from 16,3 to 56,4ºC (∆t = 40,1ºС). Within 6 hours of heat treatment of concrete samples of heated air, the temperature increased from 14,5 to 60,8ºC (∆t = 46,3ºС).
It was established that the compressive strength of the samples of heavy concrete test ended at the age of five days, heat treatment was carried out heated air which is greater than the corresponding strength of the control samples.
Recommended during the warm period of the year when there is insufficient intensity of the incoming solar energy collector energy or use additional heat source - air heater, or use the method of thermal treatment of concrete due to the heat released during cement hydration. In the cold season is proposed to use air heater as a primary energy source.

Keywords: concrete samples, heated air, laboratory equipment, solar power., thermal treatment, бетонные образцы, лабораторная установка, нагретый воздух, солнечная энергия., тепловая обработка