Antonets M. А.

The value of architectural environment on formation of professional perception for students-architects

The article is about formation of professional architectural environment perception among students. The paper analyze the importance of graphic skill of the architect for the subsequent solution of practical problems that are an integral part of the learning process in the preparation of future specialists. Architectural graphics is the basis for future projects.
Students need to know the laws of buildings perspective; correctly determine the proportion, scale, texture, tone and color characteristics of the objects; to make documentary and nature graphic sketches and sketches in various technics. The article also shows the importance of getting the students ability to give stylistic evaluation of architectural objects; professionally examine the architectural environment.
A feature of practice in the architectural faculty of Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk, is a combination of graphical and theoretical questions. The graphical part of the practice consists of doing architectural sketches, theoretical includes writing an essay about the basic stylistic currents of the city that includes a brief glossary of architectural terms.

Keywords: architectural drawing, architectural environment, graphic architect culture, introductory practice, style in architecture, архитектурная среда, архитектурный рисунок, графическая культура архитектора, ознакомительная практика, стиль в архитектуре