Mostovoi S. A.

Transport infrastructure of Vladivostok: problems and solutions

The paper discusses the issues related to transport infrastructure of Vladivostok, contains data on a number vehicles that reflects dynamics of city residents’ motorization. For the future development of Vladivostok as a centre of international cooperation in the Russian Far East it is inevitable to solve effectively its traffic problems by lowering the level of motorization. One of the proposed solutions offers modernization of transport infrastructure of Vladivostok, formation of independent public transportation. Among other proposals are the creation of Bus rapid transit system (BRT), development of railway transport and high-speed tram, construction of an integrated bus terminal in central part to provide the city with prominent public transport core. These measures will help to reduce the automobile addiction of citizens and improve its infrastructure as a whole.

Keywords: bus terminal, City planning, motorization, transport, transport hub, Vladivostok, автобусный терминал., автомобилизация, Владивосток, Градостроительство, транспорт, транспортно-пересадочный узел