Baklyskaia L. E., TCvetkova R. V.

Modern street art in Khabarovsk

"In the new century - new ideas". With this motto now there are many artists, designers and architects bring his ideas to life. Tired of the modernism of the twentieth century, where in most cases the emphasis was on functionality, people felt the need to find something new. Frequent use of concrete, no decorative details on the facades of buildings, the predominance of constructivism - all this has pushed artists to search for new ideas. And the solution was found: the canvas has become the entire city. This kind of call everyday life has become for creative people like a breath of fresh air. On the facades of the buildings appeared tags and graffiti, and the environment began to change and be filled with artistic sculptural elements. Thus the disadvantages of this or that building could be transformed into advantages without special investments. Every artist tries to find his own style and stand out among the rest. So, over time, this wave has swept all of the modern city, including Khabarovsk. Often the transformation of the city is connected not only professional artists, but ordinary citizens. For example, held in Khabarovsk in 2012 flash mob "Rainbow ladder". Thus the city is quickened and his ignorance no longer seems pressing. More and more marketers take the idea of street art and use it to attract visitors. In the remain satisfied as a customer and the artist himself, who was given a chance to prove themselves and earn. To pick up street art to a new level, professional graffiti writers offer to create their work within the exhibition space. This idea came relatively recently, so she is new to Khabarovsk. But still, in the beginning of 2014, an attempt was made to put street art within the exhibition, which was called "My element". Slowly but surely, street art wins more hearts, opening new faces, and we have to admit that it has become an integral part of the urban environment.

Keywords: graffiti, graffiti writers, street art, tags, urban environment, граффити, райтеры, стрит-арт, тэги