Kolyshev Y. B., Kolysheva G. V.

Solution of interrelation problems of pre-university and university stages of architectural drawing teaching

The paper analyzes the significance and reveals the conditions for the professional orientation of pre-university training on the technologies of teaching architectural drawing to students at a university, in the light of the requirements of the 3-rd generation Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education. The experience of architectural schools of Moscow, Yekaterinburg as well as of Volgograd was used

Keywords: application of personal qualities in architectural activity, competency building approach, “fresh from school” entrants, perspective distortions, space modeling by means of drawing, абитуриенты «со школьной скамьи», компетентностный подход, моделирование пространства средствами рисунка, применение в архитектурной деятельности личностных качеств, ракурсные искажения