Ivanova N. V.

Real design gardening outdoors in training bachelors landscape profile

Bachelor landscape profile is based on the acquisition of professional competencies required for practice in the project area. In this regard, the role of a real landscape design as a learning process, and the block of independent work.
Residents of Volgograd have established friendly relations with 24 cities of different countries, in the city there are streets named in honor of the twin cities (Hiroshima Street, Coventry, Liege, Port Said). In the student design bureau (SKB) at the Department of Landscape Architecture and professional communications VolgGASU was made landscape project on gardening and landscaping of streets, taking into account national cultural landscape styles, colors.
The actual landscape design takes into account the basic principles specific to regional and landscaping of the city and was based on a scenario developed by planting these streets. An important aspect of the project was the selection of species of plants, runs as usual functional requirements street landscaping and specific historical-artistic, aesthetic and figurative national directions of the organization's objective environment and landscaping streets.

Keywords: bachelor, national characteristics landscaping, real landscape design, street, town twinning, бакалавр, города побратимы, национальные особенности озеленения, реальное ландшафтное проектирование, улица