Baklyskaia L. E., Iasinskaia I. O.

Crowdsourcing system to solve the issues in the recriation of the development of the urban environment

Crowdsourcing is a new, creative approach to the solution of various problems (in business, social and political). It allows consumers to get involved in the process and changes their view on the development of the surrounding space. Large companies, the city and regional authorities, now use Crowdsourcing technology. They allow to us to improve our world. Perhaps they will soon become a familiar part of our lives, calling for a active position and demonstrating real opportunities to improve our world. Already exists a large number of crowdsourcing projects: “Mia Ciuda Ideal”, “Give a minute”, “Bristol Rising”. Crowdsourcing helps attract people concern about the improvement of cities; young professionals for the development and the introduction of new and innovative ideas that cannot be applied to the types of projects; as well as investors are interested in the future of cities. Crowdsourcing projects can help quickly and effectively solve problems for improvement and beautification of the urban environment. This would improve the lives of citizens and helped to attract the audience through the emotions and technology to interact with the art.
The article reveals the concept of Crowdsourcing, the brief history of the origin and link to the existing Russian and foreign projects and Internet resources where people can solve various problems by Crowdsourcing. Considers the process of Crowdsourcing on example improvement of the territory the Amur Boulevard of Khabarovsk. The article indicates participants of the process: the customer, performers and interested residents of the city, how they influencing decisions and what functions they carry. Tasks that the customer puts before performers and ideas which want to see inhabitants. As well to the process involved not only the inhabitants of the city, but also people from all over the country and world.

Keywords: Crowdsourcing, landscaping, urban environment, благоустройство территории, городская среда, Краудсорсинг