Ermilova N. I.

Pedagogical interaction of subjects of educational process of construction higher education institution

Research is devoted to an actual problem of pedagogical interaction of subjects of educational activity of higher education institution. Pedagogical interaction, being an important structural component of complete educational process, has impact on quality and efficiency of this process, defining its target, substantial, procedural aspects, motives, meanings, values. Special relevance is gained by research of this phenomenon in the conditions of technical college where most of teachers, without having basic pedagogical education, not always consider specific features of training and education of students. In article theoretical and methodological basics of pedagogical interaction are covered, its basic concepts from positions of psychology and pedagogical, social and philosophical researches are given. The most constructive is given, from our point of view, the definition of the considered phenomenon given to L.A. Vitvitskaya. Consideration of essence and features of pedagogical interaction, and also its schemes, characteristics and forms is shown in the context of the competence-based focused approach in education, proceeding from its orientation on development of the identity of students, their creative potential and mechanisms of "egoism". At the end of article or-ganizational and pedagogical conditions of increase of efficiency and quality of pedagogical interaction of subjects of educational process from which are distinguished such as are given: creation of the competence-based focused educational environment; application of the competence-based focused technologies; development by the teacher of a role of the consultant, tutor; creation of the atmosphere of mutual goodwill, mutual understanding, mutual aid, etc.

Keywords: competence, interaction, pedagogical interaction, the competence-based focused approach, взаимодействие, компетентностно-ориентированный подход, компетентность, педагогическое взаимодействие