Ermilova N. I.

Problems of graphic education of students of architectural and construction specialties

Research is devoted to an actual problem of graphic education of students of architectural and construction specialties. Federal state educational standards of new generation, defining the main requirements to graduates of architectural and construction higher education institutions, allocate main types of their future professional activity. Effective preparation on each of these kinds of activity demands rather high level of graphic education of the expert (bachelor). However, despite that studying of disciplines of a graphic profile has considerable impact on professional formation of future bachelors (builders, architects, designers), development of their spatial imagination, constructive and geometrical thinking, logic, intelligence, ability and aspiration to technical creativity and invention, graphic education has hard times today. Lack of basic graphic training of school students, and, as a result, backwardness at them elementary ideas of spatial geometrical forms and ability of the image on the plane results them in bad progress of first-year students on graphic disciplines, lack at them of interest in development of a training material, backwardness of projective thinking, low working ca¬pacity and fast fatigue of trainees. It becomes a problem of most of the students going to technical colleges, and also high school teachers with which to have to fill lack of school preparation in the field of graphics. One of effective forms of increase of level of graphic education of pupils of educational institutions, strengthenings of their interest in acquisition of graphic knowledge, skills the high school Olympic Games on drawing among school students of are. Volgograd, carried out annually on the basis of "Engineering Graphics, Standardization and Metrology" chair of the Volgograd state archi¬tectural and construction university.

Keywords: computer graphics., graphic disciplines, graphic education, graphics language, Olympiad in drawing, графические дисциплины, графическое образование, компьютерная графика, олимпиада по черчению, язык графики