Antonova N. N.

Influence of competence approach to training features bachelor landscape design (on the example of VSACU)

The features of a professional bachelor towards «Architecture» Landscape design profile, defined qualification requirements for professional competence of future specialists in the design of the landscape.
A characteristic feature of professional activity of bachelor of landscape designer is a bonding process of creative design with artistic, scientific research, educational activities.
In this regard, an important condition for the acquisition and development of professional competences of the bachelor of architect - landscape designer is the organization of the educational process, with the following necessary pedagogical conditions:organizational and methodological support of educational process with the aim of mastering the theoretical knowledge in the field of interior design; creation of creative educational environment based on the interaction of all subjects of educational process; active involvement in the actual planning, research, creative work of the University; the use of innovative technologies

Keywords: activities, applied bachelor, creative expert, educational environment of the University, educational process, innovative approach, professional communication, professional competence, tutor, виды деятельности, инновационный подход, образовательный процесс, прикладной бакалавр, профессиональные коммуникации, профессиональные компетенции, тьютор