Krivorot'ko M. O., Podgornaia T. I.

Analysis of anthropogenic impact on coastal natural environment in Kobe

The article includes analysis and estimation of Kobe coastal zone development and human impact on the natural environment in this region. Based on statistical data, analysis of the current situation was held to predict environmental change in future. In January 1995, Kobe was suffered significant damage by Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Roughest design flaws in the projects were identified and resulted more than 6 thousand victims. Modified project involves a high degree of Kobe coastline development, forms changes in litho-hydrosphere and requires additional engineering and protective measures. However, the efficient using of physical and structural changed territory can extend the living space in the densely populated district by the creation of artificial islands are "Poto-Ayrando," Rocco Ayrando "and Kobe Hat (section central promenade).

Keywords: artificial islands, engineering protective measures, Hat Kobe, Hat Кобе, Kobe, Port Island, Poto-Airando, Rokko Island, г.Кобе, инженерно-защитные меры., искусственные острова, остров Рокко, «Пото-Айрандо» Порт-Айленд