Kim A. A., Luchkova V. I.

Colonial policy in Europe and its impact on the development of Chinese architecture

The purpose of the article was to study the processes of European colonization with the age of Great geographical discoveries to the collapse of the colonial empires in the XX century. In this paper, a brief analysis of the main types of colonization and the processes associated with it was carried out. The development of this process in China was separately considered. Analysis of European penetration, starting with first contact with the portuguese in the XVI century and ending with the emergence of China as a European semicolony, was carried out. The process of the influence of European culture spread by the colonizers on the development of the traditional chinese architecture as an example of China Kaiping County, the southern province of Guangdong and Harbin, located in the northern province of Heilongjiang, was considered.

Keywords: China, chinese barocco, colonial policy, diaolou, geographical discovery, географические открытия, дяолоу, Китай, китайского барокко, колониальная политика