Kim A. A., Smol'ianinova T. A.

Regulations and the bases conversion of urban environment in barrier-free space on the example of Russia norms (USSR), Europe and America

The aim is to analyze the development of the legal framework relating to the humaniza-tion of space and the creation of a barrier-free urban environment on the example of Russia and the West. The change of the normative documents of the USSR and Russia, governing the creation of accessible environment for people with limited mobility, was studied and made the comparison. The principles of construction documents in Europe and North America were considered, the model norms were studied. A comparative analysis of the current rules was carried out on examples SP 59.13330.2012 (Russia), International Building Code (USA), BS 8300: 2009 + A1: 2010 (UK), Bauordnung für Berlin (Germany, Land Berlin). Tendencies of development and unification of norma-tive construction documents of various countries were identified.

Keywords: barrier-free urban environment (BGS), construction documents, model norms, people with limited mobility (MGN), маломобильные группы населения (МГН), модельные нормы, свод правил (СП), строительная документация