ZHilkina Z. V.

Academic drawing and project: balance and contradiction

The laws of composition (wholeness and expression) of architectural drawing are steadfast during the ages. And the school with priority of composition also has invariable basisю Relation and contradiction between architectural creation and environment become apparent by the instrumentality of sculpture, painting and graphic arts. These supplements («inculcates») upon architectural creation form full-blooded work of art. Besides knowledge of technology of arts it is important to become proficient in ability to link various arts inside united work. The project practice is very useful for art teachers, it forms and fastens «complex approach» to architectural drawing.

Keywords: architectural drawing, complex approach, Composition, invariable basis of the school, link various arts, project practice, архитектурный рисунок, виды искусства, комплексный подход, композиция, незыблемая основа школы, проектная практика