Kirpikova K. S.

Principles of architectural and landscape organization of an innovative environmental urban science park in the coastal zone

Nowadays, global trends of ecological and economic development of urban space set the task for architectural and landscape science of designing a new model of science park. The formation of such research complexes is an important factor in a current environmental problem-solving process, in innovation and sustainable development of the region, which has developed a scientific basis.
In general, the development of such complexes will contribute to the revitalization of Russian science in ecology and energy-saving, scientists returning from abroad. Large and the largest cities of Ural, with a high scientific and industrial potential, are able to create conditions for the science parks construction in accordance with progressive environmental principles in line with global trends.
This research forms a concept of the environmental science park as an innovative complex, which includes different functions, such as science and experiment, education, environmental awareness, commerce and recreation. The main course of this center is the ecology. The research also includes a concept urban environmental science park formation of as innovation center, located in the coastal zone, as well as the features of its architectural and landscape organization based on the principles of sustainable development.

Keywords: architectural and landscape organization, environmental science park, innovative, sustainable development., архитектурно-ландшафтная организация, инновационный, устойчивое развитие., экологический наукопарк