Golovanova L. A., TCatcura E. I.

Atrium space as building’s energy saving direction

The article shows building`s atrium form and orientation, location of translucent constructions, types of applicable translucent materials. It is revealed, that atrium space, which have been created with building value`s blocking and decreasing of fencing construction`s square, is one of the most effective blueprint methods for build-ing’s energy saving. Additional methods contain complex projecting of heating sys-tems, air condition system, illumination system and complex choice of energy saving materials and constructions. At the same time that is extremely important to consider microclimate`s facilities and factors, which influence on illumination, warm air ex-change in huge and volume atrium spaces.

Keywords: air stratification, Atrium’s for, buffer area, energy efficiency of building, heliostats, high-tech glazing., light streams, the system of building’s climatization, атриум, атриумное пространство, гелеостаты, остекление., световые полки, стратификация воздуха, энергоэффективность зданий