Birzul A. N., Klinnikova O. V., Pitilyak D. A.

Assessment of water saving poster appeal

This article is focused on the analyzing of water consumers response characteristics to attractiveness of domestic and foreign water saving posters. Our research is concentrated on analyzing of personal artistic perception of posters’ good look, shapeliness, memorability, contents adequacy. The significance of this problem is caused by necessity of bringing together rational water consumption and high price of water (especially drinking ones) resources. 26 posters (13 soviet-russian and 13 foreign) were used for comparison in our research. It is shown that only 15% of posters are high-ly estimated by responders, who were students of engineering faculty and professional specialists. As one might expect the «winners» were bright, sometimes damaging post-ers with images of human embryo, dystrophic person silhouette, pictures of animals and plants. Theoretical base of the research is built with methods of questionnaire format. The proposed methods of posters attractiveness assessment are based on the dividing of responses in 4 groups: the most attractive, less attractive, incurious and unfavourable.
All the mathematical procedures of attractiveness index (Ind) are shown in this article. The index conception uses counting of all positive and partially neutral answers without negative ones. This dimension allows to find out a really popular answer with-out multivalued options. The indicator values changes between -2 and +2, all the results higher than 0 say that a poster is popular and makes mainly positive impression. The analysis of results with calculating of average measures and respondent structure was made with graphical method. The main advantages of this article are complexity, valid-ity and compactness.

Keywords: water saving; propaganda; poster; questioning; statistics, водосбережение; пропаганда; плакат; опрос; статистика