Korobiy E. B., Sayapina D. G.

Perspectives of ecological construction. Development of «green» office interiors

The main aim of this research based on the green construction is to study the possibilities of functional processes optimization in the office space, to form the image of a contemporary office, which is connected to a person and their physiological, psychological, social needs.
During the process the analysis of existing tendencies in the sphere of the green architecture was carried out; the history of its origin was researched. The examples of practical uses of eco-friendly construction were found and analyzed in the article. Besides, the issue of prospects of green architecture development in Russia was brought up.
Green construction is a very efficient and, therefore, popular approach in modern engineering and designing: the number of buildings, which have been subjected to the green certification, is increasing year by year. Such tendency forms a steady demand on the green architecture which leads to the loss of popularity of traditional constructional methods, as they are no longer efficient and perspective. This situation induces architects, designers and engineers to pay attention to the principles of ecology, the main aspects of the green construction and include them in their project.
According to this tendency, the practical part of the research considers the key criteria of creating «green» work, social and living interiors. The results of the research were expressed in the student contest of projects: «Designing office interiors of the multifunctional space «Ingria Tower».
Keywords. Green construction, environmental friendliness, eco-friendliness.

Keywords: eco-friendliness., environmental friendliness, Green construction, биопозитивность., «Зелёное» ( устойчивое) строительство, экологичность