Li A. I., Riazanov D. N.

Checking the stability of compressed rod by method of flexural limit deformations (the method of V. A. Dvornikov)

This article describes a new method of checking the stability of centrally compressed rod in linear elastic stage of the work in any configuration of loads by the method of limiting flexural deformation. The idea of the proposed method is following: since in reality there are no ideal centrally-compressed columns, the compressive force will always create a bending moment, which will give rise to a new deflection, etc. Having set a simple form of rod bending and using the differential equation, we derived the stability parameter as the ratio of subsequent displacement to the previous, which defines the critical force, equal to the ratio of the acting efforts to the stability parameter.

Keywords: bend, coefficient of calculated length of the rod, Critical force, deflection, initial displacement., изгиб, коэффициент расчетной длины стержня, Критическая сила, начальное перемещение., погибь