Golovanova L. A., Novikova I. K.

A review of modern translucent materials

The article discusses new developments of translucent materials and designs that allow you to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Analyzes the main types of modern and innovative translucent-tion of materials and structures in construction. The features innovative, intelligent, electrowarmed, sensor-tion windows and "windows solar pan-els." Assess their role in the present system-ment. The modern proposals, applying them in all possible conditions, from different manufacturers. Just-regarded strength charac-teristics of the materials and the characteristics of comfort with their application-Closed.

Keywords: translucent materials; Translucent con struction; energy efficiency; a polymer; strength; translucent polymeric materials, светопрозрачные материалы; светопрозрачные конструкции; энергоэффектив-ность; светопрозрачные полимерные материалы