Burik V. O., Golovanova L. A.

Specifity of wind powered buidings

This article mostly discusses wind-powered buildings, it’s also analy sed the types of wind turbines, their comparative characteristic, efficiency and operating features. The authors has expressed main point about the benefits of wind turbine vane, they also highlighted the positive aspects of varieties of wind turbines and rational use in different environment. Current models of wind turbines, which are mentioned, designed to work in an urban environment and high-rise blocks with dense buildings. This turbines catch all the streams and wind direction. Furthermore, in this article specific attention is paid to the principles of designing buildings for various purposes, which envisages installation of wind turbines. We can also see how article describes the design of buildings and possible ways of symbiosis wind turbines, as well as the possibility of increasing it’s capacity in the same location by combining wind power installation and buildings. In this regard, there is the possibility of strong competition between wind turbines and classical sources of power, even in low-winded regions. Besides, there was revealed the main and perhaps the most important aspect of the wind turbines use– financial. Additionally, the causes of citizen’s (and also companies’) interests in wind generators was clearly identified, like wise competitive advantage over other energy sources, and appropriateness of autonomous power supply, as well as combined use of wind power with other sources of electricity. Moreover, this article was mentioned the difficulties of wind-energy use in our country.

Keywords: wind power; wind turbine; wind powered building; renewable energy; wind power installation; principles of design, ветрогенератор; возобновляемая ветровая энергетика; ветроэнергоактивное здание; принципы проектирования., ветродвигатель