Kazantcev i. M.


One of the most important aspects of the planning and exploitation of
water supply systems of the buildings is energy and resource saving, that means reduc-ing
the cost of production, transmission and consumption of energy and water and the associated
mitigation of conditions for the consumer move to breakeven operation.
Analysing water supply systems and selecting the most effective diagram of buildings,
as an evaluation criteria, it is acceptable to use energy efficiency ratio.
In the buildings with united water system, the pressure on the lower floors is
above regulations and energy costs are increasing manifoldly. Often, high pressure in the
systems incapacitate the shut-off valve. As a result, the growth of leaks in the network
and increasing unsustainable water use take place. To solve this problem, pressure regulations
are used. The use of regulators in water supply systems with increased values of
pressure, effectively extend their working life.

Keywords: pressure-reducing, reducing valves to reduce the pressure, water supply systems for buildings, водоснабжение зданий, клапаны редукционные для снижения давления., снижение напоров