Aleksandrova L. N., Balakina S. P., Nosenko M. O.

Features calculation gas fire extinguishing installations

Twenty-first centuries poses new challenges to ensure fire safety of industrial and residential buildings. Active introduction of automatic fire extinguishing agents is help to save the lives of people, preventing destruction by fire of wealth, which is the preservation of the economy of individuals and entities, and in the whole state. With the advent of inflammable substances, increased attention to the design of automatic extinguishing systems. Of the full range of applied technologies extinguish fires, it should be noted install gas fire. Their design is very complex, especially in the area of integrity and safety of use. In connection with these issues, objectives of the study are: the study of regulations governing the provision of design; safety of gas fire-extinguishing agents; Features of the calculation of gas extinguishing installations.

Keywords: calculation, design, fire, fire safety., gas, gas fire extinguishing agents, Gas fire suppression, безопасность., газ, газовые огнетушащие вещества, пожар, пожаротушение, проектирование, расчет, Установки газового пожаротушения