Dyachkova L. G., Tamulevich S. V.

Types digital illustration.

Digital illustration is considered by us as a form of applied graphics complement traditional techniques and forms of illustration and are fully used in graphic design and printing at the turn of XX-XXI centuries. The definition of a digital illustration, digital art and computer graphics. In this area, has established stable stylistic trends and specific techniques based digital image reproduction. We consider the applied 2-D commercial computer graphics in graphic design and printing. In the dictionary Ozhegova Illustration is treated as a picture as the type of illustrating the text. It is proposed a generalized definition of "digital illustra-tion." Digital illustration of a visual graphic image, made with the help of digital technolo-gy and reveals the author's ideas. Digital illustration create image and interpretation of the text and made it on the computer. (from Lat. illustratio- clarify).
Along with the proposed Erokhin SV classification of digital art as applied to digi-tal illustration highlights the main stylistic forms. Identified two types of trends in digital illustration, existing in a professional environment illustrators and graphic designers is a ras-ter-drawn illustration and vector-drawn illustration. The basic stylistic features, and they are presented in the form of a comparative table art image features, depending on the digi-tal equipment. For these stylistic features include a specific digital image to a particular type on the basis of the technological features of its creation and the characteristics of the means of expression. We study two-dimensional hand-drawn graphics. For which the craft drawing skills are important for creating professional quality images. Affected and other types of digital illustration: digital photography and digital photographica. The article is used as an illustrative material digital work schedules Khabarovsk professionals working in the field of digital illustration.

Keywords: art and technology, computer graphics, Digital art, digital illustration, engineering graphics, stylistic trends., компьютерная графика, стили-стические тенденции., техники графики, технологии и искусство, цифровая иллю-страция, Цифровое изобразительное искусство