Luchkova V. I., Nikitina N. I.

Space. Function. Form. Creating a concept image of multifunctional building

The aim of research is developing the image concept design of an architectural object. The work starting point is to analyze the interaction between structural and architectural forms and their influence on each other. Types of relationships are marked structural and architectural building envelope, as well as ways of interaction of internal and external spaces.
The proposed concept includes the design of the building on the principle of space - form - design.
The contrast between the inner and outer is one of the main manifestations of contradictions in architecture. Nevertheless, one of the immutable principles of orthodox architecture is the principle of continuity between internal and external contents.
The study was formulated the principle of "synthesis, harmony, contrast." The proposed solution volume shaped buildings reflect the practical use of this principle. This approach allows us to transform and change the geometric parameters of the object in a complex system, without changing the basic requirements for a functional object.
The ratio of the structural and architectural forms is crucial for the formation of the urban environment. There are contradictions of urban forms, because no rational design of tools. The study focused on the allocation of the main aspects of the interaction of forms needed to create harmonizes "fabric" of the modern city.

Keywords: architectural material, design solution, image, metaphor, shape., space, structure, архитектурный материал, конструктивное решение, метафора, образ, пространство, структура, форма.